GRI-909 Simulator Configuration

Introduced in 1969, the GRI-909 was the first system from the newly formed GRI Computer Corporation. Targetted for embedded and process control applications, the machine was very spare, with only one instruction format. The GRI-99 was a follow-on product with expanded capabilities (notably an index register). There was a third model, the GRI-919, but no documentation on it has been found yet. Documentation on peripherals (such as the line printer and disk) has also proved elusive.

Photographs (courtesy of Al Kossow):

Option Description Capacity
CPU and memory           GRI-909 4KW - 32KW
GRI-99 4KW - 32KW
CPU options Extended arithmetic operator
Console S42-001 Teletype input       
S42-002 Teletype output
Paper tape S42-004 High speed reader
S42-006 High speed punch
Real time clock line-time clock

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