Honeywell H316 Simulator Configuration

The Honeywell Series 16 was initially developed by Computer Controls Corporation in the mid-60's.  3C's systems were named DDP-x16. When Honeywell bought 3C, it renamed the models to Hx16. Among the models in this series were


Option Description Capacity
CPU and memory H316 CPU 8KB - 32KB
CPU options double precision integer arithmetic
Console 316/516-33 KSR-33 Teletype
Paper tape 316/516-50 paper tape reader
316/516-52 paper tape punch
Clock 316/516-12 real-time clock
Line printer Analex unbuffered shuttle line printer
Fixed head disk 4400 fixed head disk 98KW - 1532KW
Moving head disk 4623/4653/4720 disk pack controller 831KW - 8314KW
Magnetic tape 4100 7-track magtape controller

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