Nova Simulator Configuration

Introduced in 1969, the Nova was Data General's first architecture and one of the first 16-bit minicomputers. Its elegant and simple instruction set architecture prefigured today's RISC processors. The Nova family remained in production until the mid 1980's.  There were eight processor designs:


Option Description Capacity
CPU and memory Nova 4KW - 32KW
CPU options MDV (hardware multiply-divide)
Nova 3 instruction set
Nova 4 instruction set
Console KSR-33 Teletype or Dasher VDT
Second terminal KSR-33 Teletype or Dasher VDT
Asynchronous multiplexor 4060 multiplexor 1-64 lines
425x multiplexor 1-64 lines
Paper tape
Real time clock        
Line printer
Disk 4019 fixed head disk .5MB - 4MB
6030 single sided, single density floppy disk .35MB
6097 double sided, double density floppy disk 1.2MB
4047 (4237, 4238) cartridge disk 2.4MB
4234 (6045) fixed + removable cartridge disk 10MB
6070 double density fixed + removable cartridge disk          20MB
4048 disk pack 6.2MB
4057 (2311) disk pack 25MB
4231 (3330) disk pack 92MB
6225 non-removable disk 5MB
6227 non-removable disk 15MB
6099 non-removable disk 12.5MB
6103 non-removable disk 25MB
Magnetic tape 6026 800bpi 9 track magnetic tape drive

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