PDP-1 Simulator Configuration

Introduced in 1960, the PDP-1 was DEC's first computer, and the world's first minicomputer. Documentation and drawings are sketchy; in addition, the machine was often customized for particular uses. The simulator is based on the 1963 maintenance manual.

Photographs (courtesy of Digital Equipment Corporation):

Option Description Capacity
CPU and memory           PDP-1 4KW - 64KW
CPU options Type 10 automatic multiply divide
Type 15 memory extension control
Type 20 16-channel sequence break system
PDP-1D extended features
Console Soroban B typewriter (FIODEC code)           
Paper tape integral
Line printer Type 62 line printer (Hollerith code)
Microtape (DECtape) Type 550/555 Microtape 148KW
Drum Type 23 parallel drum 131KW
Type 24 serial drum 131KW
Multiplexer Type 630 data communications subsystem 1-32 lines

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