PDP-10 Simulator Configuration

The PDP-10, also known as the DECsystem-10 and the DECsystem-20, was among the most famous and popular 36-bit computers. Digital introduced its first 36-bit computer, the PDP-6, in 1964. The product was not a success. Digital relaunched the family, with a new design, as the PDP-10 in 1966, and shipped the first systems in 1967. In all, Digital brought six 36-bit designs to market:

Option Description Capacity
CPU and memory          KS10 1MW
IO bus dual Unibus
Console 8080-based front end processor
Paper tape PC11 paper tape reader and punch         
Timer built in
Time of year clock TCU150 (from Digital Pathways)
Line printer LP20 line printer
Terminal multiplexor DZ11 terminal multiplexor 8-32 lines
Disk RH11/RM03, RM05 disk packs 67-256MB
RH11/RM80 non-removable disk 124MB
RH11/RP04 (RP05), RP06 disk pack 87-174MB
RH11/RP07 non-removable disk 516MB
Floppy disk RX211/RX02 floppy disk 512KB
Magnetic tape RH11/TU45 800/1600bpi 9 track magnetic tape
Card reader CD20 (CD11) card reader
Network DEUNA Ethernet interface

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