PDP-15 Simulator Configuration

Introduced in 1969, the PDP-15 was DEC's fifth (and last) 18-bit computer system. Upward compatible from the PDP-9, it included several new architectural features, including indexing, expanded memory capacity, full memory protection, and floating point. The last PDP-15 was produced in the late 1970's.

Photographs (courtesy of Digital Equipment Corporation):

Option Description Capacity
CPU and memory PDP-15 4KW - 128KW
CPU options KA15 automatic priority interrupt (API)
KE15 extended arithmetic element (EAE)
KF15 power fail detection
KM15 memory protection control
KT15 memory relocation control
XM15 memory relocation and protection (XVM)
FP15 floating point processor (FPP)
UC15 I/O processor
Console KSR-35 Teletype
Additional terminals LT19 and KSR-35 Teletypes 1-16 lines
Paper tape PC15 paper tape reader and punch
Real time clock KW15 real time clock
Line printer LP15 or LP09 line printer
DECtape TC15/TU56 DECtape 148KW
Disk RF15/RS15 fixed head disk 2.1MW
RP15/RP02 disk pack 10.4MW
RK15/RK05 disk pack (on UC15) 1.2MW
Magnetic tape TC59D magnetic tape (9 track only)

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