PDP-7 Simulator Configuration

The PDP-7, introduced in 1965, was DEC's third 18-bit computer system. Both faster and less expensive than the PDP-1, the PDP-7 maintained upward compatibility from the PDP-4 but introduced many new options, including extended memory, extended arithmetic capability, and a crude form of memory protection. The PDP-7 featured the 18b product line's first mass storage operating system (DECsys, based on DECtapes). It was also the development system for the first versions of UNIX.

Photographs (courtesy of Digital Equipment Corporation):

Option Description Capacity
CPU and memory           PDP-7 4KW - 32KW
CPU options Type 177 EAE, extended arithmetic element        
Type 148 memory extension control
Console Type 649 KSR-33 Teletype
Paper tape Type 444 paper tape reader
Type 75 paper tape punch
Real-time clock integral
Line printer Type 647B line printer (sixbit ASCII)
DECtape Type 550/555 DECtape 148KW
Drum Type 24 serial drum 131KW
Disk RB09 fixed-head disk 1024KW

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