PDP-8 Simulator Configuration

DEC's PDP-8, introduced in 1965, was the first mass produced minicomputer, as well as the first computer costing less than $20,000. It remained in active production until 1988; more than 50,000 units were produced. All the models in the family were based on one of the seven CPU designs (photographs courtesy of Digital Equipment Corporation):

Option Description Capacity
CPU and memory           PDP-8/E 4KW - 32KW
CPU options KM8E memory extension and timeshare control          
KE8E EAE (extended arithmetic element)
TSC8-75 timesharing controller for ETOS
FPP-8A floating point processor
Console KL8E and KSR-33 Teletype
Extra terminals KL8JA and KSR-33 Teletype 4 terminals
Paper tape PC8E paper tape reader and punch
Real time clock KW8E real time clock
Line printer LP8E line printer
DECtape TC08/TU56 DECtape 190KW
TD8E/TU56 DECtape 190KW
Disk RX8E/RX01 single density floppy disk 256KB
RX28/RX02 double density floppy disk 512KB
DF32/DS32 fixed head disk 128KW
RF08/RS08 fixed head disk 1MW
RK8E/RK05 cartridge disk 1.6MW
RL8A/RL01-RL02 cartridge disk 5-10MB
Cassette tape TA8E/TU60 cassette tape 93KB
Magnetic tape TM8E/TU10, 800bpi 9 track magnetic tape

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