SDS-940 Simulator Configuration

Scientific Data Systems of El Segundo, California, produced a line of 24-bit computers in the early and mid 1960's. The first system, the SDS 900, was succeeded by the SDS 920 and SDS 930. Project Genie at the University of California Berkeley modified the SDS 930 to increase its memory address capability and add support for timesharing. The Project Genie timesharing system provided many of the seminal ideas for Tenex and thus TOPS-20.

The SDS 940 is a commercial version of Project Genie's modified SDS 930.  It was succeeded by the SDS 9300, which was not compatible.  After the 9300, SDS built 32b systems, the SDS (and then XDS) Sigma series.

Option Description Capacity
CPU and memory           SDS 940 16KW - 64KW
CPU options Genie mode or SDS 940 mode I/O decoding
Console integral typewriter
Paper tape integral tape reader
integral paper tape punch
Real time clock integral
Line printer line printer
Drum Project Genie drum 1376KW
Fixed head disk rapid access disk 2097KW
Moving head disk 9164 moving head disk 16777KW
Magnetic tape 7-track magnetic tape

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